"Lights seen at night in the forest running and dancing through the trees. Thought to be fairies or sprites."

The Foxfire series started as a happy accident - there was no planning. I simply discovered these images. Most times, the results were surprising and completely unexpected. The vast majority of the images taken for this series were failures never to be shown, but the successful images have mystery and a little magic. Catching the dance of color and light kept me going out and trying again. Many of the images were taken along highway 880 not far from my home. Most others were taken around Fremont and Sunol with a sprinkling of shots from Yosemite.

The look of Foxfire is done in camera not in Photoshop. Photoshop was used mainly for minor cropping and tonal adjustments (sometimes extreme tonal adjustments). These images are taken using my Canon 5D camera. Even I am surprised at the resulting colors. Rather than give away the mystery of how Foxfire is made, the image "Around the Bend" gives away the process.

The Foxfire series is a limited edition of 20 prints. Each print is signed, printed on archival matte paper with archival pigment inks.

P.S. I discovered the term Foxfire from watching an old X-Files show very late one night.